This is the feminine mystery school you've been yearning for...

Learn how to embody the 5 core feminine arts so that you can stay in your feminine power. These are the teachings that used to be passed down from mother to daughter, aunty to niece, grandmother to granddaughter. They have been forgotten until now.

If you're tired of...

  • feeling disconnected from your body

  • putting yourself last

  • feeling stuck in your marriage or relationship

  • low or no sex drive

  • feeling burnt out, like something is missing from life

  • stuck in your never ending "to do" list

  • unable to let go with your partner

  • feeling cut off from your sensuality

Learn to embody your feminine energy from the inside out

Course Modules

Potent activations to unlock your feminine codes

  1. Radiant Goddess Awakening

  2. Magnetism, Presence, and Polarity

  3. Feminine Power

  4. Passion and Desire

  5. The Sacred Art of Receiving

  6. The Pleasure Principal

About this course

  • In-depth lectures on feminine energy
  • Dance, yoga, yoni jade egg practices
  • Meditations, energy work, self-healing

There's an easier way to do life

and it is through your feminine energy, radiance and power

  • Live from a place of ease, pleasure and joy

  • Tap into creative life force energy

  • Overcome conditioning

  • Increase libido and magnetic feminine sexuality

  • Open your heart to yourself and others to deepen relationships

  • Feminine intuition and relationship to authentic self

  • Restore passion and achieve greater intimacy

  • Love your body

  • Magnetically draw everything to you

  • Seat yourself in your feminine power, unearth your true Queen


  • Is this live or pre-recorded?

    All material is pre-recorded in addition to two live trainings per month

  • Is there a payment plan?

    Yes, scroll to the bottom to view more payment options

  • What if I have two left feet?

    All dance and movement classes are designed for absolute beginners..

  • Will I have access to Maya?

    Yes. I will be active in the community space, as well as live q&a sessions throughout the course.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    Lifetime access

  • Do you offer a refund?

    No. There are no refunds available.

  • When does the course begin?

    As soon as you sign up

what your sisters are saying about this work

“Before I used to have a lot of issues with love, after working with Maya I got the force to self love and take better care of myself. I'm now married. I have three step kids, its love all around.”


“Maya thank you so much! I feel so good and present in my power. I stayed up most of the night thinking about how I'm so in love with myself and I can create my reality with precision. You reminded me of myself and I'm BACKK. Divine Feminine Energy Flows Through Me. I AM A GODDESS”


“So much gratitude for your medicine. I felt fully embodied by my Divine Feminine and the movement was just icing on the cake. I love dance very much, so I am grateful to have such a euphoric and transformative experience..”


“Maya's classes are blessings for the soul, the heart and body. She gives of her beautiful energy to gift those that attend. One parts with joy and more. Highly recommend.”

Ife Michelle

Meet your guide

Maya Louisa

Maya Louisa is a dance artist, priestess, and leader in her community teaching women how to emerge in their feminine energy to attain the life they truly desire. Maya has been teaching feminine arts for over a decade and has successfully guided thousands of women back into their body and into their center of divine feminine power.

I'm ready to activate my full infinite potential

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